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 Five Day Course for Moms To Discover A More Fulfilling, Happier Life!

5 Key Areas over
5 Modules 

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Realize Your True Dreams & Learn How The Universe Can Really Give You What You Desire!

After you have signed up, you will be redirected straight to the course content, which you are able to work through at your own pace. 

"Having Sarah-Kate coach me was THE best thing I ever did!"

"I'm incredibly grateful for Sarah-Kate."

"Meeting Sarah-Kate has been life-changing."

"With Sarah-Kate, anything is possible!"

"Working with Sarah-Kate is a gift!"

"Sarah-Kate has a real passion for helping others!"

"I cannot recommend her enough"

"I highly recommend Sarah-Kate Life Coach!"

Meet Sarah-Kate... 

Hi! I am an international life coach for Moms specializing in supporting Moms so that they can realize their DREAMS!

Together we will work on the following: 

Positive Mindset - How to keep it positive and upbeat.

Money Mindset - Talking about those money blocks that often you do not even realize you have!


Gratitude - How to incorporate daily gratitude into your life. 

Dreams - What is it that you really dream of, what is it you really want? 

Inspired Action - How to take action whilst listening to your inner guide.

So often we don’t realize that saying a certain phrase or thinking about something in a particular way is really blocking us from having the things we desire.

My goal is to show Moms how to use the Law of Attraction to enhance their life and realize their dreams.

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5 Days To Raise Your Vibe... Are you in?

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