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Protect Your energy

Your energy is sacred. It impacts everything within and around you. Some people feel energy more than others but we can all connect and get in tune with our own.

We have all been there on days where we feel okay but then all of a sudden it’s like we hit a brick wall and our energy levels plummet.

People often get reliant on sugar or caffeine to keep their energy levels up but this is only a short term fix that leads to a bigger crash in energy.

Life these days can be so busy and our brains can be very over-stimulated with constantly being plugged in with technology and social media. This can lead to feelings of exhaustion especially when sedentary for long periods with no exercise.

So what can we do to protect our energy?

  • If you find your life is very busy and you are one for a schedule then it's really important to schedule in ‘down time’. I make sure I have at least 2 mornings, 2 afternoons and 2 evenings a week where I am free to do as I please. Usually these our split over different days but I make sure I have a completely schedule free full day twice a month.

  • Honour your emotions. Your feelings are communication tools for you to learn and grow from. By pushing the undesirable emotions aside you have them come up in other ways. It is important to take time regularly with yourself to check in on your mood and be honest with how you are feeling, what’s going on with you and what you need to do to deal with it. The more we do this the more emotionally intelligent we become and the less our emotions take over our energy.

  • Know your triggers. What drains your energy? Maybe it’s cleaning. Whatever your triggers it is really important to note them. If your triggers are not avoidable then you need to learn ways to protect yourself and put tools in place with mindset work so that you don’t go into those situations negatively. I find cleaning draining but now I put on a great podcast or my favourite songs and focus on how great it will feel when it is all done and how lucky I am that I have this space to clean. Before I used to be very negative and feel angry that I had to do it all on my own and focus on how much I disliked it. Going into triggering situations with a good mindset is key.

  • Set your boundaries. Another trigger in your life could be people, family members, community responsibilities etc. It is really important to have boundaries in place around these. What is your time capacity for them? Do people or family being in your home stress you out? Then meet them in a different setting. Do you have people in your life that talk about things that drain you? Then kindly ask for them not to speak about those things around you. My school friends used to love having debates and discussing science. Several of whom went on to get the PHDs in Science. Whilst I love my girls I couldn’t deal with those conversations and used to say ‘No Science Speak’ when I was around which really helped protect my energy around them.

  • Declutter. Decluttering is a beautiful way of releasing energy that is no longer serving us. From decluttering our closet to decluttering your emails for work. It can be very difficult to feel in a great energy space when you are surrounded by clutter that isn’t serving you. It’s amazing how much we can hang on things that we don’t need. Decluttering can really help to raise your energy.

  • Don’t rely on caffeine or sugar. It is a very common practice in this day and age for people to go to caffeine or sugar to increase their energy levels. Whilst yes you will probably get a boost, unless you keep topping it up you are more likely to have an energy crash.

  • Exercise. When you incorporate regular exercise into your routine this naturally increases your energy levels.

  • Make an energy bubble. If you have an event that you are dreading or people you have to see that you find draining then you can create an energy bubble before you go into the event. If you don’t know what an energy bubble is then I will do my best to explain. It’s when you imagine a bubble around you that keeps the negative energy from coming into your field. The app insight timer has lots of great free meditations and you can find some on energy bubbles if you pop it in the search tab!

So start to take more notice of your energy and how it is affected in varying scenarios and look at what you can incorporate to protect you energy!


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