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5 Years Of Conscious Creating.

Did you know that in five years as a single Mom I have managed to become a conscious creator and achieve the following:

  • Go from Homeless to a lovely two bedroom apartment in Dublin (I was told I would be lucky to get a bedsit).

  • Take Harmony to Disneyland Paris (twice).

  • Go on 3 other foreign sun holidays.

  • Go on regular hotel breaks in Ireland.

  • Allow Harmony to follow her interests since she turned 3. I have been able to send her to Stage school, gymnastics, swimming, ballet and rugby.

  • Do one year of a Play Therapy Post Graduate Degree (wasn’t the path for me).

  • Go from depressed and suicidal (having crippling anxiety and panic attacks) to being truly happy and well able to manage when life throws shit at me. Go from hating myself to loving myself.

  • Go from being lost to being balanced

  • Learned to Drive and got my license (with no car to practice in…my instructor was shocked I passed my test, he actually said maybe he needs to look into this Law of Attraction stuff).

  • Get a Car.

  • Find my dream location and community.

  • Find my big 3 bedroom with a great garden dream home (for now).

  • Get Harmony everything a play room and garden (I felt) should have.Complete a Certificate and Diploma in Life Coaching.

  • Plant the seeds to create a Democratic School in East Clare.

  • Be in a community that is full of loving supportive people and make some wonderful like-minded friends.

  • Develop a strong, respectful relationship with Harmony.

  • Create my dream job and get everything I needed for my new business along with an incredible business support system.

  • Go from struggling with money to having no money worries!

What do you want?

8 Week Law of Attraction Become a Conscious Creator Course starts next week! Get in touch now to secure your spot


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