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Do you prioritise your time right? Are you organised and know where your time is going? Or do you notice it's two hours later and you still have little done? Time Management is something that everyone needs to master if they want to create their dream life.

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A life coach can help you have more time by assisting you in various aspects of your life, including time management.

Here are ways in which a life coach can contribute to helping you make the most of your time:

Goal Setting and Prioritization:

  • A life coach can help you define clear and realistic goals, both short-term and long-term.

  • By identifying your priorities, you can focus your time and energy on activities that align with your objectives.

Time Management Skills:

  • Life coaches can teach you effective time management techniques, such as creating schedules, setting deadlines, and breaking tasks into manageable chunks.

  • They can help you identify time-wasting habits and replace them with more productive behaviors.


  • Having a life coach provides a level of accountability. Regular check-ins and discussions about your progress can motivate you to stay on track with your time management goals.

Stress Reduction:

  • A life coach can work with you to identify sources of stress and help you manage them more effectively, freeing up mental space and allowing you to use your time more efficiently.

Decision-Making Support:

  • Life coaches can assist you in making decisions more efficiently. Indecision and overthinking can consume a significant amount of time, and a coach can help you develop strategies for making choices more confidently.

Work-Life Balance:

  • Life coaches often focus on helping individuals achieve a healthy work-life balance. This can result in better time utilization as you learn to prioritize personal and family time alongside professional commitments.

Skill Development:

  • Coaching can include skill development in areas such as organization, communication, and problem-solving. Improving these skills can streamline your tasks and save you time.

Boundary Setting:

  • Coaches can assist you in setting boundaries, both at work and in your personal life. Learning to say 'no' to non-essential commitments can create more time for the things that truly matter.

Mindfulness and Focus:

  • Life coaches may introduce mindfulness techniques and strategies to enhance your ability to stay focused on the present moment. This can contribute to increased productivity and efficiency.

Review and Adjustment:

  • Regularly reviewing your goals and strategies with a life coach allows for adjustments as needed. This iterative process helps you continually refine your approach to time management.

It's important to note that the effectiveness of a life coach in helping you have more time depends on your commitment to the coaching process and your willingness to implement the strategies and changes suggested by the coach.

Do you have the perfect balance of work, being with your child, having time for yourself? Not having enough time for what you need, want and desire? This is something that I help my clients to conquer!! Time management is the foundations for the ultimate dream lifestyle!

❤ Working 1:1 with me I will help you to create a schedule that works for you with the flexibility you need for life's surprises! Let's make time work for you instead of chasing it!


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