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Do you find it hard to spend money on yourself?

Do you spend easily on your children but struggle to spend money on things for you, even if you NEED them?

Do your children’s wants come before your needs?

For years I was completely in the mind-set that I will always have enough for everything for my daughter and I did but along with that I myself lived a life of struggle.

My daughter needed runners and I’d get her beautiful new runners. I needed runners (at the time I walked everywhere) and went to the charity shop to get some…they didn’t fit right and my feet used to ache in the evenings.

So why could I spend money on my daughter and not on me?

I started really working through my mind-set and uncovering my limiting beliefs.

I believed you had to SACRIFICE for your kids. You had to put them FIRST to be a good mother.

Well now I am so grateful to know that those limiting beliefs are NOT TRUE. I believe in compromising on things for my daughter but it’s a two-way street and she does the same for me.

I do not believe I need to sacrifice my needs for hers and I do not feel I have to put her first. If I don’t take care of myself I am not my best self. I am not the best mother I can be. I have gone from agonizing over spending money on myself to now enjoying spending money on myself. Investing in my personal growth, professional development and self-care allows me to be more for my daughter.

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