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Time...Where does it go?

A study in the UK found that the average resident was watching 4 hours of TV a day

Imagine what you could achieve with an extra four hours a day!!!

Last year I met a beautiful couple who were with their new born baby at a conference. They had four other children, ran a play school, had just opened a democratic school (one of their children was attending a different school entirely), oh and they were also both doing Masters degrees.....

The first lockdown I had my daughter 24/7, childminded 25 hours a week, did a 12 week intensive business course, was doing a Diploma and had 3 1:1 life coaching clients!

Do you prioritise your time right? Are you organised and know where your time is going? Or do you notice it's two hours later and you still have little done?

Time Management is something that everyone needs to master if they want to create their dream life.

Do you have the perfect balance of work, being with your child, having time for yourself?

Not having enough time for what you need, want and desire!

This is something that I help my clients to conquer!! Time management is the foundations for the ultimate dream lifestyle!

Working 1:1 with me I will help you to create a schedule that works for you with the flexibility you need for life's surprises!

Let's make time work for you instead of chasing it

You can check out the services section on my website for more information!


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