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Is this right for you?

Are you an entrepreneur
running your own business?
Have you hit a road block?
Weather you are just
starting out or have been in
business for some time it is
really important to get
support.  Running your own
business can be very stressful and a lonely process.  I am here to help reduce that overwhelm and support you to get to where you want to be.
Unlike a lot of coaches I support my clients between sessions via email and often find additional resources to share with them based on what they resonate with.
No matter what mood my client is in at the beginning of the session they always come out
of it feeling uplifted and empowered!
I am so grateful that I found my purpose, I truly love what I do!
Have you found your purpose yet? Maybe I can help!


"Having Sarah-Kate coach me was THE best thing I ever did!"

"I'm incredibly grateful for Sarah-Kate."

"Meeting Sarah-Kate has been life-changing."

"With Sarah-Kate, anything is possible!"

"Working with Sarah-Kate is a gift!"

"Sarah-Kate has a real passion for helping others!"

"I cannot recommend her enough"

"I highly recommend Sarah-Kate Life Coach!"

Are You Ready To Change
YOUR World?

What The Program Includes:

  • 6  Life Coaching Video Calls (Duration 1 hour)

  •  Bi-weekly check-ins via email or messenger with additional resources and personalised support



€227 X 6                                                   


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